I’ve ordered a Simple or Extended SSL Certificate - what happens next?

All purchased SSL certificates - Simple and Extended SSLs - require email verification before being issued. What this means is an e-mail will be sent to admin@domain (where 'domain' is the domain you've purchased the certificate for, excluding “www.”).

If you've ordered before setting this mailbox up - don't worry - just set up a forwarder or email account now and contact our support team who can resend the approval email for you.

If you've bought an Extended SSL, the nature of these certificates requires a higher level of vetting than any other certiifcate. As a result, our chosen certificate authority, Geotrust, will contact you by email within 24 hours with further instructions.

Our Free SSL certificates are verified through our nameservers: just order one through Exodus Hosts and it will be added to your site in seconds. There is no verification process that you need to go through, unlike the purchased certificates.

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