How do I let my customers manage a domain name?

If you have a customer who has purchased a domain name from you, you may want to give them access to manage it. You can do this by giving them access to ExodusCP.

To do this, you’ll first need to create a ExodusCP User for your customer:

  • Login to Exodus Hosts
  • Under Reseller Preferences click ExodusCP Users
  • Click Please add one (or Add a ExodusCP User if you already have one).
  • Enter your client(s) credentials then Add ExodusCP  User.
  • You'll be taken back to the ExodusCP Users list. The user will have been assigned a password - change this if you want.
  • To assign the ExodusCP  user to a Hosting Package and give them Domain Access, hover over Options and click Edit
  • Choose  the domain name you’d like to give them access-to and choose Save Permissions.

You can now give your customer their ExodusCP User username and password, and they’ll be able to login to ExodusCP and manage their domain and services.

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