How do I allow clients access to NysCP?

As a Reseller you may want to give your clients access to NYSCP so they can carry out many site management tasks themselves - without needing to bother you with support requests!

To do this you need to create NysCP users: 

  • Login to Exodus Hosts
  • Under Reseller preferences select 'NysCP Users'


  • Choose 'Please add one' and enter your client(s) credentials.
  • Then click 'Add Stack User'.
  • You'll be taken back to the 'NysCP Users' list. The user will have been assigned a password - change this if you want.
  • To assign the NysCP user to a Hosting Package and give them Domain Access, hover over 'Options' and click'Edit'
  • Choose the Package you'd like to give them access to, along with access to the relevant domain, and click 'Save Permissons'

Your new NysCP user is now set up.

You can now email your client their NysCP login email address and password.

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